KSA Watch Club Bylaws

Welcome to KSA Watch Club. This club and its rules have been tailored for watch enthusiasts who love to not only showcase their watches, but their life as well. We invite you to share as much as you feel comfortable with and to be a gracious steward for others within our niche hobby. The rules below are simple to follow and we encourage each of you to read them thoroughly before posting. Please note that by accessing our group, you are bound by our club rules and guidelines.

1. Be kind and Courteous:

We are all in this together to create a welcoming environment. Let us treat everyone with respect. Healthy debates are natural, but kindness is required.

2. Membership:

Applications for admission are received throughout the year. They will be considered, and interviews are conducted in the month of May intake of every year. During the month of May, the committee will sort out application to conduct personal interviews, which will focus on personal compatibility of sharing clubs values of passion, knowledge and exclusivity as well as their technical understanding of Horology. The committee is keen on creating an exclusive atmosphere, priority will be given to applicants that fit the clubs values.

Members Minimum age, at least 25 years of age exception are granted to committee to accept with condition that they add value with their passion and understanding of horology.

3. No Hate Speech or Bullying:

Make sure everyone feels safe. Bullying of any kind is not allowed, and degrading comments about things such as Race, Religion, Culture, Politics, Sports, and Sexual orientation, Gender or Identity will not be tolerated. Do not make provocative posts primarily to upset participants or to provoke an argument. Do not instigate or provoke others or seek to upset or cause distress to others, including our staff.

4. Club Administration Committee:

The club management committee consists of the founder Thamer Alghafees as a consultant to the committee & 4 members for a tenure of Six month, based on the voting by all members, each member vote for 4 names, most redundant names will be part of the committee. The committee membership is renewable or extendable for all of them or some of them based on new voting. Thus will conveys a spirit of participation, complete transparency, adding new ideas to the committee, breaking the barrier of differences, imparting a sense of responsibility and the most important point of empowering members and proving the principle of equality by taking responsibilities.


The committee tasks are the following:

  • New Club watches
  • Promoting the club among the brands & the Authorized Dealers.
  • Supporting the other member to have high demand watches from the ADs directly.
  • Coordinate for Factory & Exhibitions visits.
  • Coordinate the club purchases.
  • Social Media Management.

Membership management & Recruiting۔

5. No Promotions Or Spam:

Give more to this club than you take. Self-promotion, spam and irrelevant links aren’t allowed

6. Respect Everyone’s Privacy:

Being part of the Club requires mutual trust. This will allow for an unreserved discussion, which will give authentic discussions. It’s critical to note that all shared content, images and information, can be of a sensitive and private nature. It’s crucial that all information shared in club is to remain private, members have no right to share.

It is not allowed for anyone to share the names of the members or numbers inside the group with the object of who it is nor the screen capture.

In case that any topic is published outside the club, the member who posted the post will bear legal responsibility and consequences if proved۔

7. No Replicas/ Fakes:

No fakes are to be posted in the club, no links to websites offering fake/counterfeit goods۔

8. No Sales Posts:

No sales posts are permitted within the club. if you’d like to sell a desirable model at double MSRP) Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price), please do it elsewhere.

9. Out Of Subject Discussion:

Off-topic is allowed with topics that have an impact on the world of watches only by the strictest limits, if they do not go out of control by not commenting or discussing the topic among all members more than 5 minutes from the time of the start of the discussion. In case any member wants to respond to one of the discussions be can be done on private messages.

10. Participation:

We should all be proud of our membership in the club by mentioning it on Instagram pages Bio (required), and Twitter (optional), Stating the following:

Member of @KSAWatchClub

Incase of not interested, he can mention his wish & it can be understood.

All posts and replies should be respectful in nature and everyone’s participation is required. you’re an adult. act like one.

All members must attend the annual meeting, other events is not compulsory but attendance is greatly appreciated.

All members are required to participate WEEKLY with watch pictures or videos they own or from any other sources and MUST indicate the source.

11. Spam, links and unrelated material:

Members who attempt to post spam, irrelevant links, videos and other unrelated watches material will be permanently banned from the club.

12. Disputes & Conflict of Interest:

If there is a problem with one another then it is your responsibility to work it out, offline. Club admins and moderators will not be able to assist you with these types of requests.

It’s not allowed to combine between 2 or more memberships or enrollment at any other watch club within Arabian region & countries.

13. Country Regulations:

You are not allowed in any way to violate any applicable laws or regulations.

14. Language:

The Arabic language will be the main spoken and written language; other languages may be used when needed. In case of difference between the Arabic language and the English language, the Arabic language will be adopted as a basis for the club bylaws.

Terms and condition are subjected to change, add or delete at any time by the club committee.

Best Regards, Club Committee